ALMOST CLOSE (2015)  [11.30]
commissioned by ConDiT 2015 - Buenos Aires

world premiere

17_10_2015 Buenos Aires - Festival ConDiT
dedication: to Rei Nakamura

Piano and transducers
Almost Close for piano and transducers is the last piece of the series Almost (Almost Requiem for ensemble and voice - Almost Close I - Almost Nowhen for ensemble - Almost Close II - Almost Nowhere for ensemble and electronics). 
The collection is questioning the proxemics of composing, a wish of a placement in time/space (Almost Nowhen/Almost Nowhere) touching memories and bodies (Almost Requiem/Almost Close) that deals with the ambition of anonymity. The need of exactitude lives in what remains from the disorientation and crosses intimacy and the storytelling. 
The unsolved desire of definition and understanding is the ground where the sound tests its survival skills. The élan vital is in the word “almost”. 

Almost Close is in two parts: Polpa (fingertip/pulp) and Unghia (nail) that are punctuating the series as an intimate reset moment, the only-last space in which the oxymoron of being close and far at the same time can live. The hybrid voice marks the final statement.  


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